Ennvoy Application Tips

Foundation Application

In order to achieve great results, it is extremely important to use the right tools. Please do not do yourself a disservice by attempting to use inappropriately shaped or inferior quality brushes as you will not be happy with the results. The Ennvoy Kabuki Foundation Brush is the perfect tool for applying mineral foundation. It is incredibly lush and soft yet has the ideal density and firmness needed for proper application. Your Ennvoy Mineral Foundation has a protective seal over the sifter fitment holes. You may remove the protective seal entirely, remove the seal partially, or poke several holes through it. One of the biggest mistakes in applying mineral foundation is applying too much product. It is important to note that even though the foundation looks like a powder, it does not have the same characteristics of a typical powder. Most conventional powders contain fillers such as talc which "dillute" their strength. The Ennvoy Mineral Foundations do not contain such fillers so they are quite concentrated and pigmented. Please keep in mind that "less is more".


  • Apply to the face with a circular "buffing" motion. Don't be afraid to really buff the minerals into the skin. The natural mineral pigments will seem to blend right in with your skin. If you feel you still need a bit more coverage then repeat the process adding another thin layer. It is much better to apply thin layers than to apply a thick layer.
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